Vyksa Steel Works (VSW) hosts groups of up to 15 people.

Cost: 12,134 rubles per group.

  • The service is available to tourists 14 years of age (accompanied) and older.
  • The recommended maximum visitor age is 70 because we will be visiting a potentially dangerous production site and your health is our priority.
  • All visitors are issued protective clothing and footwear, hardhats, and audio equipment to be able to listen to a professional guide.

We know that these days, no visit to a unique installation is complete without photos and videos. We cannot promise you touching shots with cute kittens, tropical sunsets, or mesmerizing mountaintops. What we can promise you for sure is tons of molten metal, steel plates, huge wheels, pipes of varying diameters, process control panels, confident employees that photograph like advertising models.

Take and post pictures and get your likes. There are no restrictions. There is no doubt that you will be able to make your own day as well as those of your friends and subscribers.

What will you see at the facility?

Itinerary # 1

Watch large-diameter pipes being born.

This is where you will see Wide-Plate Rolling Mill 5000 in action. It took a concerted effort by specialists from 20 nations to get WPM-5000 going so you can easily replace “wide” with “worldwide” without being too far off the mark. The 5-meter wide mill was commissioned in 2011 and is the most advanced of the three mills of this type currently being operated in Russia. 

This is where the incredible happens every day: red-hot steel slabs are turned by the rolling stand into plates that are 5 meters wide and up to 8 centimeters thick. You will be able to see it happen right before your eyes.

Afterwards, your tour will take you to the pipe mill which turns the steel plate into unique “Russian size” pipes that have a diameter of 1,420 millimeters and a wall thickness of up to 48 millimeters.

Itinerary # 2

Miraculous Metamorphoses

The Integrated Casting and Rolling Facility is yet another gem in VSW’s steel crown of new facilities. Commissioned in 2008, it makes hot-rolled coils for casing and line pipe as well as shaped steel. Visitors will be introduced to the entire rolled steel-making process. From the Integrated Casting and Rolling Facility, the tour will move to Electric Resistance-Welded Pipe Mill No. 3 where rolled steel is converted into pipe of various types. Such as shaped square and rectangular pipe for constructing and re-building stadiums where the FIFA World Cup soccer games will be played. After the tour is complete, you will be an expert in pipe production. 100% guaranteed

Itinerary # 3

World of Hot Wheels, Literally!

The wheel rolling mill makes hundreds of thousands of different whole-rolled wheels for RZD and subway trains every year. Vyksa wheels are also shipped to VSW's partners outside Russia. VSW operates Russia’s only facility to make wheels for high-speed trains, including Lastochka electric trains and commuter trains running on the Moscow Girdle Railway. VSW's train wheels are sold to over 30 countries all over the world, including the US, Canada, Slovakia, Czechia, India, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, South Korea, the Baltic States, CIS, and others.

Mural on Outside Wall of WPM-5000

The mural on WPM-5000 is the world’s largest work of monumental art painted by a single artist, street artist Misha Most. The area of the mural is 10,800 square meters. It required over 300 work hours over the course of 45 days and in excess of 5 tons of primer and paint to make. The wall depicts 6 scenes from the life and times of Vyksa Steel Works. If you scan the painting left to right, you will be able to see the storyline developing: modest to bigger, research to creation, idea to result. The record has been witnessed by representatives from the Russian and the European Books of Records.